Welcome to FrontGates Dev.

Greetings and welcome to FrontGates Dev's main website. Within you can find all the details needed to contact me, my rates, availability and to get to know me, what I can do as a freelancer and how to hire me.

About FrontGates Dev.

FrontGates Dev specializes in customized projects. If you're a developer or a company that requires specific solutions to extend or enhance your internet software needs, look no further; FrontGates Dev is the answer you seek.

Fully Responsive.

Cross-Browser Compatible.

Pricing Tables.

Billing structure depends on the project size, but the charge is usually a fixed price rather than hourly rates.
Typically projects follow one of the following structures
These are guidelines only.


Smallish Project

  • Gather requirements
  • Formal quote and timescales
  • Up-front payment (40%)
  • Project Development
  • Recurring client review and test
  • Amends (if any)
  • Release
  • Final Payment (60%)

Largish Project

  • Gather requirements
  • Specification - charged on completion
  • Final quote
  • Up-front payment (30%)
  • Project development
  • Final review and test
  • 2nd payment (40%)
  • Amends (if any)
  • Release
  • Final payment (30%)

Benefits received with FrontGates Dev hosted-solutions:

  • No need for additional hardware
  • No dedicated staff
  • Instant deployment
  • No hassle upgrades, updates or need for system maintenance
  • Ease of integration with existing back office systems and emerging industry web-services
  • Employs a standard web browser as the primary interface
  • Single point of access for client, partner, supplier and internal interactions

Here are some of FrontGates Dev's clients list.

What People Are Saying.

  • "Working with FrontGates Dev is one of the best decisions we made last year"

    Mason Willis
  • "The Quality service provided enabled us to progress with our project successfully on time with great results"

    Margaret Hayward - LoneStar Applications (on using FrontGates Dev's Bug Tacker service tool)